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‘A freak of nature at sport’ – Mundine reveals what he wants his legacy to be

Anthony Mundine will enter the ring against Jeff Horn this Friday night at Suncorp Stadium full of confidence in what will almost certainly be his last fight. Mundine, 43, is confident he can get past Horn after doing everything required of him to make weight in the lead up.

“I feel strong, a couple of times in my career I have had to lose 4-5 kilos and I have left it too late and it just took too much out of me, I have always done well when I have dieted properly.”

Mundine says it will be a battle of attrition and he will go out victorious as he has the experience of going the distance and doesn’t believe Horn has the stamina to last the later rounds of a big fight.

“Ill get him in the later rounds, I am too skillful, in every aspect I am just too much for him. I will beat him inside and I’ll beat him outside. I can’t see him beating me.” Mundine told Mark Allen and David Schwarz on Macquarie Sports Radio Drive.

‘The Man’ did give credit to Horn though and gave an idea of what he may have to be wary of throughout this fight.

“He is very unconventional, he is a strong competitor, he has got a lot of will. He is very unorthodox and come from all different angles, however I think my feet are gonna win this fight for me.”

When asked if this would be his last fight, Mundine believed it would be, but didn’t completely rule out fighting again if the right offer comes along.

“Pretty much, I have come to a point where I don’t have that much desire anymore. If another big fight comes, like a Pacquiou or a big name with a big pay day comes along you have to reassess.”

Mundine maintains that when he is away from the glitz and glamour of fight promoting he is nothing more than “a regular dude” and a “cool cat, relaxed, laid back type of guy who just wants to enjoy life.”

Whatever the result on Friday night Mundine wants to be remembered as someone who “was real and someone who was a freak of nature at sport.”

You can hear the fight on Friday Night at Suncorp Stadium LIVE right here on Macquarie Sports Radio with Ray Hadley and Billy Dib from 9:30pm