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“A lot of players lost their careers”: Ling calls for thorough Essendon investigation

Cameron Ling has called on for a ‘thorough investigation’ after the latest news revealing the damaging news about the Essendon Drugs saga from 2013. 

Mick Warner from the Herald Sun broke the story on Tuesday night revealing that the drug that sparked the Essendon supplements scandal, Thymosin Beta-4, was only listed as a banned substance the day before the Bombers “self-reported” to the AFL in February 2013, which was several months after the injections stopped.

Ling, a three-time premiership winner with Geelong, says that as many players careers were tarnished from this drugs saga, they have every right to feel frustrated and that an investigation needs to be put in place.

“I think this has got to be looked into. Jobe Watson lost a Bronwlow in 2012 for this, and a lot of players lost their careers and I would like a pretty thorough investigation of all this evidence,” Ling said.

“If any of these thirty-four players have been wrongly suspended and had accolades wrongly stripped of them, well then their names should be cleared.”

The All-Australian said that he took issue with the fact that the whole Essendon squad was investigated and judged as a group, not taking in any personal circumstances.

“It always bothered me at the time that they were tried as a group, which didn’t allow for any individuals within that thirty-four to have had a different set of circumstances and tried completely separately,” Ling said.

“How do we know that all those thirty-four did exactly the same thing and took exactly the same substance and all the processes were exactly the same? Well, we don’t. So if there are any individuals in that thirty four who have had the wrong thing done to them, well then there names deserve to be cleared.”

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