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AFL ‘not right’ to keep ticket prices a mystery: Levy


How much is too much to pay for a ticket to see an AFL or NRL game?

As reported in Thursday’s Herald Sun, footy fans are being charged as much as $50 for a reserved seat on level four of the MCG for the Richmond v Collingwood round two blockbuster.

It comes after the league discontinued an online pricing scale guide which helped informed fans throughout last night.

Mark Levy said he “wasn’t right” the AFL wasn’t being honest with fans about ticket prices.

“You can charge whatever you want but it’s wrong as soon as you’re not open and honest with the fans,” he said.

But Mark Riddell disagreed, saying the AFL were well within their rights to charge a premium price for reserved seats if there was sufficient demand.

“At the end of the day, it’s supply and demand,” he said.

“If you’ve got a game that’s going to attract 80,000 then I can understand them charging more for tickets.

“But there’s got to be a reverse, the prices should go down if there’s less demand.”

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