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AFL rule changes far from finalised says Hocking

AFL football operations boss Steve Hocking confirmed research behind the proposed rule changes haven’t been released to the public because they’re yet to be finalised.

Rule changes in the form of starting positions at stoppages and increasing the length of the goal square have been mooted, with the final decision on any alterations to be made in October ahead of the AFL Trade Period and Draft.

“Each trial we’ve conducted has had something different and another layer added to it,” Hocking told Afternoons.

“The reasons we haven’t been able to release (the trial vision) to the broader public is the concept behind it and the understanding of why certain things happen would create debate without context of why it’s gone on and it’s not a discussion you want.

“What people need to recognise is there’s a team of people that have been brought into headquarters to understand how clubs navigate (game plans) and how the game is currently being played.”

Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley came out earlier in the week and said starting positions would be a blight on the game but Hocking said the league had yet to directly consult him on the proposed changes.

“We understand Nathan’s comments and in fairness, we haven’t been able to get to him as yet,” he said.

“We are putting a lot of man hours into this because we get the nervousness and understand where the game is at.

“We’re saying we want to take the things about the game that are great at the moment and let’s add potentially some things that will enhance it further.”

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