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AFL rule changes “not well thought through”, say fans

A body representing AFL fans has called on Gillon McLachlan to extensively test any proposed rule changes before rolling them out at the top level.

Gerry Eeman, President of the independent AFL Fans Association, says the rules of the game should remain untouched in the absence of extensive testing at lower grades and evidence there is a clear need for reform.

“One thing the AFL must do is, if they want to experiment with game rules, they really need to trial it extensively at lower levels,” Eeman told Macquarie Sports Radio’s Cam Reddin.

“If you just impose it from the top without extensive trialing, you’re going to get a lot of backlash,” he said.

The AFL Competition Committee is considering a 6-6-6 set-up at the bounce, which would force players to adopt fixed starting positions after every goal.

Also under consideration is the prospect of a twilight Grand Final, reducing the interchange cap and tighter restrictions on runners.

League boss Gillon McLachlan was met with fierce criticism after suggesting these rules could be trialed during the regular season in matches that would not have any bearing on the Finals.

“If Gil [McLachlan] could have that again, he wouldn’t have suggested that,” Eeman said. “It clearly wasn’t really well thought through”.

“There is a definite integrity issue if you start introducing changes in the same season. It’s a little bit odd,” he said.

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