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AFL Talent Manager says radical mid-season trading the next ‘logical’ step in player movement

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AFL National Talent Manager Kevin Sheehan says mid-season trading is the next ‘logical’ step as the league looks to relax player movement.

The league’s first mid-season draft in 26 years took place on Monday night and saw 13 players recruited to AFL clubs.

Sheehan said being able to trade players during the season is the ‘next step of the discussion’ after last night’s draft.

“It’s not officially on the agenda yet but it may well be (soon), it’s the next logical step,” he told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“There might well be two, three or four players which could be appealing to other clubs on a needs basis.”

Sheehan cited Hawthorn veteran Jarryd Roughead- who’s currently languishing in the VFL – as example of a player who could benefit from being able to be traded during the season.

“Western Bulldogs could use (Roughead at the moment) in amongst their developing young players,” he said.

“That might well be the next step of the discussion.

“This stimulates great debate in footy circles about how we can maximise this opportunity in the middle of the year to refresh lists.”

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