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Alex de Minaur could be the antidote to tennis petulance says Rohan Connolly

Rising star Alex de Minaur’s success might be just the antidote Australian men’s tennis needs to the petulance of Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios, says Rohan Connolly.

Whatever the result of the 19-year-old’s third-round match-up with Rafael Nadal tomorrow, the men’s game here looks like it might actually have found a young man it can support wholeheartedly. And Connolly says he can’t help but wonder how Tomic and Kyrgios feel about that.

“For all their antipathy towards the media, the public and often it seems the game itself, there’s also more than a hint of a desire for attention, even if it’s in the cultivation of a “bad boy” persona,” Connolly said in “RoCo’s Rant”.

“I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks how great it would be if De Minaur climbed the rankings as the various outbursts of Tomic and Kyrgios faded into the background.

“When misbehaving little boys throw the toys out of the cot, the best strategy is often to ignore them. De Minaur’s success might be just what’s required to finally do that to Bernie and Nick. They might still throw their tantrums, but there might be no one left listening.”

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