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Alex Rance explains motivation for Eddie Betts video, hits back at ‘staging’ critics

Richmond star Alex Rance says he felt compelled to defend Eddie Betts on social media because the Adelaide livewire should be “one of the most celebrated players in the game”.

Rance uploaded a video to Instagram on Wednesday after it emerged Betts had been the victim of a racist comment on social media.

Speaking in studio on Macquarie Sports Radio, Rance said the incident had shocked him.

“He should be one of the most celebrated players in the game,” Rance said.

“It just struck a chord with me … I just wanted to call it out.

“It’s so unacceptable and wrong.”

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Rance himself has been in the media spotlight of late, fined $1000 for staging against Essendon.

An incident against Port Adelaide last week also came under scrutiny.

“I think what is was spun up to be was something a lot bigger than it was,” Rance said.

“The word ‘staging’ gets thrown about because it gets the soccer connotation.

“It wasn’t staging because it was a free kick.

“It’s a hard one to comment on personally, because I don’t want it to spun and drummed up again.

“I copped my fine and we move on.”

The Richmond star has released a book, Tiger’s Roar, telling Macquarie Sports Radio he was always thinking about his life post-football.

“I don’t want to pigeon hole myself but I always thought once I am done with football I am done,” Rance explained.

“I want to be known as Alex Rance, the creative rather than Alex Rance, the footballer.”

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