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Andrew Bogut says defeating Team USA for Olympic Gold is ‘more than possible’

Luc Longley recently told Macquarie Sports Radio he thinks the Boomers are a genuine chance to win a gold medal at the 2020 Olympics, defeating basketball titans Team USA in the final.

Andrew Bogut will be a central figure with the Australian team in Tokyo and says it’s not a far fetched claim.

“Obviously the USA are no easy beats so they’d need to have a really bad day and whoever plays them would have a really good day for for [The USA] to lose,” Bogut says.

“It’s more than possible, we’ve seen it.”

The Sydney Kings co-owner says the Boomers squad is excited about their Olympic prospects and should be stacked with top flight talent.

“We’ll probably have a team fielded of 10 or 11 NBA players, a lot of talent playing in Europe and the NBL, so we have a really good mix of players and we’ve just got to put it together.

“As long as we stay together, and cultured, and bond very well, we’ll have a chance to give it a fair crack.”

Bogut was speaking after his partnership with online platform Sportility was announced. It provides grassroots teams with direct access to brand sponsorship opportunities.

After a stellar season with the Sydney Kings where Bogut was named the NBL MVP, the center received a call-up from the Golden State Warriors, the NBA franchise he won a championship ring with in 2015.

“It’s been pretty surreal,” Bogut says.

“A lot of the same players remain, I’ve fit in pretty well.”

The Warriors boast some of the league’s top players including All Stars Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson but Bogut says he’s not intimidated and remains bossy on the court.

“I try to give input where I can, they obviously respect my opinion enough to take it and giving feedback on great teams always has to go both ways,

“They’ve welcomed me with open arms, there’s a lot of talent on that team so a bloke like myself has to do the dirty work a little bit and the little one-percenters because we have enough talent to win games, so it’s a bit of a different role to what I had in Sydney.

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