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Andy Harper tees off at “embarrassing” funding decision

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Fox Football commentator Andy Harper has hit out at soccer’s lack of government funding.

A report in today’s Daily Telegraph reveals the funding disparity between codes when it comes to propping up junior sporting facilties.

According to the report, the world game receives $37 of government funding per participant while cricket gets $55, AFL $109, NRL $110 and Rugby $113.

Harper wasn’t happy, telling Macquarie Sports Radio Breakfast it was time the difference in funding was immediately addressed.

“Australian society has left the government in its wake,” he said.

“The fact they can sit in their offices and have that statistic published is an embarrassment.

“Given the importance of soccer internationally, if our damn governments haven’t got it through their heads yet, they better start listening.

“The whole world plays soccer and takes it serious, Asia takes it seriously. Australia’s sporting culture is becoming a laughing stock because of statistics like this.

“It’s an utter joke and if you can find one government official that can defend it, that’s the next government official we frogmarch out of the joint.”

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