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‘Are they serious?’ Gus loses it at NRL judiciary

Phil Gould has unloaded on the NRL judiciary amidst a week of baffling suspensions, fines and proposals, which has left one of Rugby League’s greatest minds scratching his head.

After a string of careless and dangerous tackles the past couple of weeks, Gould said the verdicts the NRL judiciary has placed on them has left him lost.

“The judiciary this week has done some extraordinary things. Going on the back of those three throw tackles from Nick Cotric, Jake Trbjoevic and Isaac Luke they then go and try to explain to the public the difference between the three”

“Then they suspend James Maloney for a week for tripping, where for the last couple of years tripping has been a fineable offence.  Suddenly Maloney gets a week. Why? Because he had a fine earlier in the year?

“Well if it’s a fineable offence, it’s a fineable offence. If this is the way they’re going to treat it, just triple the fine next time, from $5000 to $15,000. But he shouldn’t have missed that game last night.”

The Channel 9 commentator says the varying verdicts handed down by the judiciary has only left fans even more confused than before.

“Then you get to Sam Burgess who escaped suspension, which I am fine with. I don’t think there was anything malicious or deliberate in the tackle, but they go to the judiciary and they get these extraordinary results, which makes it so hard for people at home to understand.

From these proceedings, the NRL released a proposal stating that the Judiciary maybe be live streamed in the future so fans can understand the legal process of a hearing. A proposal that Gould says would be a horrible decision for the NRL.

“Are they serious? Judge Judy comes to Rugby League. I haven’t heard anything more ridiculous in my entire life. The NRL should be very careful with what they wish for here, because it could become an embarrassment.

“The NRL said that if this is approved, it would ‘allow fans to understand the mechanics of what can be legally complicated judiciary issues. What rubbish! How did it get to this?! I cannot believe it.

If they video stream this to the public and show what goes on down there, the public will be horrified at what happens.”