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Ashwin a major loss for the Indians

The Second Test between Australia and India kicks off in Perth today at the new Optus Stadium

India have been hit with a double blow as champion spinner Ravi Ashwin and batsman Rohit Sharma have been ruled out with injury.

Speaking on the Macquarie SPorts Radio Breakfast show, former Australian star Mike Whitney spoke about the impact the loss of Ashwin will have on the Indian side, “You’d think being a real green top that it’s really going to suit the fast bowlers, which it will and which it should. But I can always remember Shane, Greg Matthews, even ‘Dutchie’ Holland in my early days of playing Sheffield Shield cricket, loving to bowl in Perth on a bouncy wicket. It might not turn so much but it bounces and that’s an advantage to the spinners.”

Whitney was keen to see how the Indians combated the loss of their star spinner, “So no Ashwin, (makes it) very, very interesting where they’re going to go there cause he’s a really, really good player”

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