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Australia has a new-found appreciation for the Indian Test team, according to Rohan Connolly

It seems as though the Australian public has a new-found appreciation for the Indian Test team following Sandpaper-Gate, according to Rohan Connolly.

Connolly believes that the Australian media has missed the mark this year, attempting to portray the Indian side in a negative light while the Australian public has appreciated the sportsmanship of the side.

“Attempts to paint Virat Kohli as some sort of public enemy have fallen flat, most fans appreciating not only his batting genius, but his competitive streak” says Connolly. 

“They’ve enjoyed the rock-solid determination of Pujara, the unusual but highly effective bowling mechanics of Bumrah and the effervescence of Pant behind the stumps and at the crease.”

Connolly went on to say that “India has enjoyed the upper hand, but it’s never descended into arrogance.”

“The sparring and banter on the field and playfulness of it between the two teams has reflected that.”

Hear RoCo’s full rant below.