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What the Pink Test means to Glenn McGrath

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Australian cricket legend Glenn McGrath says it’s “incredible” to see how far the Pink Test has come since its beginning 11 years ago.

It’s an annual event which celebrates the life of Glenn’s late wife Jane on top of raising funds and awareness for breast cancer.

The McGrath Foundation uses the funds raised to provide breast cancer sufferers with access to specialised Breast Care Nurses around the country.

And with the New Year’s Test beginning on Thursday between Australia and India, we’ll see another installment of a community gathering around in pink shirts, singlets, shorts and hats and a whole lot more to promote a great cause.

McGrath told Macquarie Sports Radio Afternoons it’s a special occasion.

“It’s absolutely incredible to think back to that first year – 11 Tests ago and what we hoped to achieve out of that,” McGrath said.

“That was blown out of the water and each year it just seems to get bigger and better.

“It’s absolutely incredible, the SCG is my favourite ground in the world and now for it to be aligned through the foundation and the support we’ve received from everyone involved in this foundation is incredible.

“But to see both teams with the pink logos and the McGrath Foundation on their gear, I think that’s a massive sign of respect, so very proud.”

The McGrath Foundation is aiming to raise $2.1 million throughout the Test period – which equates to 15 McGrath Breast Care Nurses over 12 months.

The 48-year-old also said research suggested that to ensure all sufferers have access to Breast Care Nurses around the country – the current amount of 120 nurses – must be doubled.

“The main role apart from awareness is raising funds to place breast care nurses out in the community and making a positive difference in people’s lives now,” McGrath said.

“That’s one of the big things – people can see what their donation is doing for someone else’s life going through breast cancer.

“There’s not too many people now that haven’t been touched in some way, shape or form by cancer or by breast cancer.

“So there’s relevance there and the support our breast cancer nurses are doing is incredible.”

The fourth Test begins at 10:30am AEDT.

You can donate at the SCG during the fourth Test or at


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