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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | Clarke hits back

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Former Australia Test captain Michael Clarke joins Jimmy Bartel and Matt Thompson on Macquarie Sports Radio 1278AM Melbourne Breakfast.

Clarke was asked why he released a statement on Twitter last night responding to Gerard Whateley’s editorial.

“When somebody questions or insults my integrity and my credibility that’s not for sale. That’s not on so I’ve made my feelings very clear on social media… what Gerard has said is completely out of line. Trying to blame me for cheating in South Africa is an absolute disgrace. “That’s 100 per cent how I feel,” Clarke said on Macquarie Sports Radio. “I look forward to one day saying that to his face.

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Former Australian Test captain Michael Clarke says Australian cricket is currently in a “dark place”.

Speaking on Drive, Clarke said the sport couldn’t afford to lose exposure on TV as it looks to win over the Australian public following the ball-tampering saga earlier this year.

“We’ve got to get as many people as possible watching the game on TV,” he said.

“If we can’t sellout a match, open the gates so we can get as many boys and girls watching this Australian team in the stadium.

“Cricket needs to be doing everything it can to get everyone back loving the game because it’s such a competitive world.”

“The sport is in a dark place, whether we want to admit it or not.”

Clarke staunchly defended David Warner, telling Marko and Ox it was important to embrace the firebrand cricketer for what he is.

“We’re all different, you don’t need to be best mates with everyone,” he said.

“Australian cricket needs to stop being liked and start worrying about being respected.

“We need to play tough Australian cricket because whether we like it or not, it’s in our blood.

‘‘If you try and walk away from it, we might be the most liked team in the world, we’re not going to win s**t. We won’t win a game. Boys and girls want to win.’’

Following this Clarke took to Instagram to respond to criticism over his comments made in this interview.


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