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Australia’s key to victory over India

With the first Cricket Test match between Australia and India set to start tomorrow everyone is having their say about tactics and team selections

Former Australian Fast bowler Ryan Harris joined the Macquarie Sports Radio to talk about the importance of nullifying inspirational Indian skipper Virat Kohli, “I think if they build pressure on him, we all know he’s got a pretty big ego Kohli, he likes to get off the mark, he likes to go hard early, so if you can tie that down and force him into a mistake that’s going to be huge.”

Harris continued, “You target the Captain and obviously the Captain is generally the best player and if you can take him down and keep him quiet, the team feeds from that.”

On the topic of former greats coming into the dressing rooms and getting around the playing group Harris said, “There’s no better feeling being in there (the dressing rooms) knowing that, for example, Steve Waugh who’s a legend of our game and has done so much for Australian Cricket, when he was around and he came in and you saw him there it gave you a bit of a buzz. It was always great to have that presence.”

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