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Australia’s Newest Test Umpire

Paul “Blocker” Wilson played one test match for Australia in Kolkota in 1998. His career has taken him from player to official, and has now been appointed by the ICC to umpire his first test match in Bangladesh.

Speaking to Julian King on Nights, “Blocker” addressed the use of DRS in the international arena.

Once you start playing around with technology and utilising your umpiring for the sake of DRS, you will get yourself into trouble. Ultimately as an umpire you’ve just got to call it as you see it”.

With regards to having a decision overturned by DRS:

“It certainly doesn’t help your confidence, but at the end of the day you’ve just got park it, you’ve just got to worry about the next ball you’ve got to concentrate on and go from there.

“You’re going to have some good days and have some bad days. The world of umpiring is a lot more difficult than it was and people think why? But technology has created that from the fact that some really good cricket decisions can be shown to be incorrect by technology. You’ve just go to deal with those and move onto the next delivery. That’s all you can do”.

Addressing the notion of neutral umpires:

“It’s perception. Guys will umpire a game of cricket…but, if an opposition side feels aggrieved in the long form of the game, it comes back to the umpires whether we like it or not”.

As for the Holy Grail for test umpires?

“I think for all of us it’s doing a test match at Lord’s. That’s the dream for anyone”.