Bartel calls for calm over Judd’s ‘training wheels’ comments

GWS board member Jimmy Bartel says it’s possible to combine media commitments with club role without coming under fire for a conflict of interest. .

His comments come after Carlton footy director was criticised for making comment on Blues caretaker coach David Teague.

Bartel told Macquarie Sports Radio there was an “over-sensitivity” when it came to how those who work in the media and at a football club are perceived.

“There’s conflicts everywhere in football, they’d be conflicts wherever you look in sport,” he said.

“I think there’s a bit of confusion too as to what a board member actually does in today’s football, it’s not an operational role. Your’re an oversight committee really.

“Your brief or portfolio is football but we also do a number of other things.

“We make comment, I think I make comment about the Giants whether they play good, bad or indifferent.

“I think there’s this over-sensitivity towards people who work in the media and work at football clubs.”

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