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Bartel praises Swans for their creative thinking

3x Geelong Premiership superstar Jimmy Bartel has applauded the Swans for their “creative thinking” for their live trading with the West Coast Eagles that allowed them to secure Nick Blakey during the opening night of the NAB AFL Draft for 2018.

The decision by the Swans to live trade a second round pick with the West Coast Eagles to help secure Blakey raised eyebrows, particularly that of Macquarie Sports Breakfast radio host Matt Thompson. Bartel, however has heaped praised on Sydney for their play “Very very clever, if you were smart enough, clever enough and found a willing participant to help you get it done then I am all for it. This has always been a bugbear of mine in the AFL that when they see something being too smart, too clever or manipulating the system too well we go things have got to change. The Swans were clever, they’d planned it all night with the new system.”

“Is this playing the system? Is this in the spirit of the draft?” questioned Thompson to the 2007 Brownlow Medallist.

Bartel responded on Macquarie Sports Radio “This is what annoys me, people question is it the spirit? What! Because you’ve actually played within the rules and been smarter than other people to do it and actually execute it. It frustrates me when people say it’s not in the spirit and we have to change it. For you to be smart, clever and maximise your draft hand, does everyone have to be brought down and regress to the dumb?”

The AFL media and public are still getting their head around live trading of picks and understanding where it all sits, Bartel explained that this is “not a loophole, they traded with someone, a willing participant in the Eagles. Stop thinking that everyone is cheating the system, they worked within the system and within the rules and both parties benefited. Don’t worry about spirit and rorting.”

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