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Bartel urges tribunal to view Greene incident in isolation

Piggy, Levy & Jimmy

GWS board member Jimmy Bartel says Toby Greene’s previous record shouldn’t be taken into account ahead of Monday night’s blockbuster tribunal hearing.

The star forward was slapped with a one-week ban by Match Review Officer Michael Christian for making unreasonable and unnecessary contact to the eye of Brisbane’s Lachie Neale.

The incident was assessed as the incident was assessed as intentional with low impact and high contact.

Bartel told Macquarie Sports Radio it was vital the tribunal viewed the incident in isolation, despite his chequered suspension history.

“You’d like him to not the week straight off the bat, it means you can deal with the week ahead,” he said.

“Obviously we’re going to the tribunal to front up and put our case forward.

“I made some comments yesterday and context is everything, all I said is there’s no loading or previous record taken into account – as much as Toby Greene’s got a rap sheet as long his arm, it doesn’t matter.

“As much as people are still annoyed about last week and thought he should’ve got weeks, it doesn’t matter.

“It doesn’t mean he gets a week this week because you thought he should’ve got a week last week.

Bartel said he was mystified why Greene was offered a one-week ban this week considering the vision available.

“I can’t tell the difference because I can’t see anything,” he said.

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(Image: Michael Willson/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

Piggy, Levy & Jimmy