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‘Beveridge is an inspiring leader’: Mark Robinson has a word of advice for all AFL clubs


The mental health of players has again flooded the AFL following the shock retirement of Western Bulldog’s Tom Boyd.

The 23-year-old premiership player announced his immediate retirement from the sport on Thursday following issues with both physical injury and mental health.

Coach Luke Beveridge was brought to tears while speaking about Boyd’s decision to retire and the impact he had on the team.

Herald Sun writer Mark Robinson spoke with Matt Granland and David Schwarz about the emotional press conference.

“When Luke Beveridge spoke today, I got a real feel about what it’s like to be close to somebody who is going through an unbelievably scary and challenging period of mental health,” Robinson told Macquarie Sports Radio Drive.

“He humanized it today.”

Robinson said that Luke Beveridge’s response was fitting, the exact way a club should act when it comes to players dealing with mental health issues.

“Beveridge is an inspiring leader. He’s a caring person,” Robinson told Matt and Ox.

“I would advise all clubs to listen to Luke Beveridge today. Maybe learn themselves how to publicly deal with the public, the media about a player with mental health.”

The Chief AFL Writer at the Herald Sun still believes the media have a right to report on the performance of players, even with mental health issues.

“People have got depression and are still playing the game. What do we do? Do we not be negative towards them?

“I don’t think we can ever get to that situation where we can’t be negative towards a player’s performance because he’s dealing with mental health.”

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