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“Blatant cheating”: Former Aussie quick blasts Joe Root’s “catch”

The most controversial thing to come out of the final day of the drawn Lord’s Test was Joe Root’s contentious “catch”.

The England captain claimed to have taken a diving catch to dismiss Marnus Labuschagne and the video umpire decided not to overturn the decision despite replays seeming to show that it bounced just before Root got his hands under the ball.

After the Test, Root was adamant that he’d been honest.

“As a fielder you know if your fingers are under the ball, I clearly felt that was the case. I’m an honest guy, I am not going to try and cheat the game regardless of the situation,” Root said.

Now former Australian paceman Andy Bichel has hit out at England’s star batsman.

“It didn’t carry. We can see that,” Bichel said on Macquarie Sports Radio.

“It’s ricocheted off the player as well so it’s bubbled a little bit to him so therefore he’d know if he’s picked it up on the half volley.

“It’s blatant cheating.”

Bichel also wasn’t happy about the way Root treated Labuschagne during the review.

“To stand there and all of a sudden give Marnus a bit of a send off as well when Marnus is seeing the footage on the screen that he’s not out and shouldn’t be out. It was a real bizarre one from Joe (Root),” the World Cup Winner said.

“You’d like to think there’d be a gentleman’s approach to that and just say ‘mate, I didn’t catch that’ and you don’t even go upstairs for it.

“It’s a little low point for a man under pressure in Joe Root. He hasn’t got any runs and now it’s just mounting on him day by day.”

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