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Boomers squad the ‘most talented Australia has ever had’: Lanard Copeland

Former NBL Superstar and present Sydney Kings assistant coach Lanard Copeland is impressed by the strength of the Australian Boomers World Cup squad announced earlier today.

“I think it’s probably the most talented squad Australia has ever had, that’s true, probably the most experienced,” Copeland tells David ‘Ox’ Schwarz and Matt Granland on Macquarie Sports Radio.

The squad features 9 current NBA players, including Ben Simmons, and the depths of talent on display has raised the arousal levels of hoops fans across Australia.

The most recent federal election proved to us all that we must believe in the impossible, that anything can be achieved if you set your mind – or your stable of NBA stars – to the task.

Belief in the impossible means belief in the idea that Australia can defeat the gold standard in global basketball, the best of the best: Team USA.

Copeland, perhaps not as inspired by this laboured miracle metaphor, urges caution and highlights key areas which Australia must address if we’re to achieve the impossible and knock off Team USA.

“The bigger guys, the 4s and the 5s for the Australian team need to be a little bit more mobile,” Copeland said.

“If they’re going to play against the American team they have to play against guys like Draymond Green and Anthony Davis and these guys who can push the ball up the floor,

“Right now our floor men are Baynes, and Bogut, and those guys are probably a little bit too stiff to guard these guys and I’m not saying they can’t do it, but they probably need a bit more mobility in that 4 and 5 spot.”

Does a team of superstars translate to a superstar team? It’s a perennial question for national teams, especially Team USA which is comprised of some of the biggest sporting celebrities on the planet. Will they gel as a unit? Will the sacrifice for one another? Can they share the global limelight and unite under a common cause?

“I think its easier when you’re playing for your country,” Copeland said.

“All these guys today have egos and they’re making lots of money, and that’s great, but once you put that green and gold on, or that red white and blue on, you sacrifice and you do whatever it takes to win.”

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