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Boss hits back at calls to ban the use of whips

Hall of Fame jockey Glen Boss has hit back at calls to ban the use of whips in racing saying these comments come from people that have never ridden a horse.

Prominent racing horse owner Lloyd Williams believes whips should be immediately banned from racing and if the industry is not proactive, it will be lucky to survive.

Boss told Macquarie Sports Radio, “The whip is a tool to ask our animals, and they’re taught to do this, that you have to be at your top at that moment.

“There’s a template in place, we have to use it certain ways.

“It’s a tool, as jockeys we respect it,” he said.

Boss rode Makybe Diva past the winning post in three successive years of the Melbourne Cup and described the whip as ‘padded’ and ‘soft’.

“We’re not belting them up. We’re not whipping them for no reason. We’re asking these animals to be at their peak.

“The last thing I ever want to do is hurt a horse. When I see a horse in pain, I’m in pain.”

Glen Boss will ride favourite Constantinople in the $7.75m Melbourne Cup.