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Brad Hardie and Jimmy Bartel recall their ‘Trent Bridge’ moments

It hasn’t been a good few months for Australian cricket.

The on-field ramifications of the ball tampering saga are only just becoming apparent, with the Australian ODI team currently 3-0 down against England, which included conceding a world record 481 runs at Trent Bridge on Wednesday morning.

Brad Hardie recalled a similar moment in his career when he was well beaten on the field.

“When I played with the Dogs, we tried to do a partnership with Canterbury (in Rugby League) while we were up in Sydney,” Hardie said.

“Because of traffic, we arrived at the SCG at 10 to 2pm for a 2.10pm start. We were strapping on the bus, ran out there and I think we got 29 goals kicked on us that day.”

Geelong three-time premiership player Jimmy Bartel also shared one of the low-lights of his career.

“We played the Swans on a Thursday night in 2014,” he said.

“The margin got so bad that I started kicking barrels from full back. We went down by 110 points.”

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