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Brad Hardie: ‘It is inconceivable what is happening at Fremantle at the moment’

Brad Hardie is known for telling it like it is, and Tuesday morning that didn’t change, Hardie believes that things at Fremantle have “hit tipping point” and Steve Rosic and Ross Lyon need to be shown the door to get the club back on track.

“What is going on at Fremantle? Ross Lyon continues to get his way at that club, as soon as Brad Lloyd walked out the door, Lyon got his way and he re signed Harley Bennell. It is inconceivable what is going on down there at Fremantle right now.”

Brad believes that things are so “toxic” at Fremantle that morale has hit an all time low.

“It has gotten to the tipping point, not only on the back of what happened on the weekend, that something drastic needs to happen. That board needs to grow up, only one person on a regular basis challenges Ross Lyon and he doesn’t like it.”

Hardie was strong that CEO Steve Rosic also needs to be held accountable, and be let go by the football club.

“Anyone who challenges Ross, Steve steps in and defends him. He needs to go as well.”

Hardie went on to say that sweeping changes need to be made at the Dockers and the fact that they are so focused on keeping Hayden Ballantyne, Aaron Sandilands and Harley Bennell is a real worry.

“They are signing 31 year olds and 35 years olds and blokes that haven’t played more than 2 games in three years, it just does not make sense.”

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