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Brexit could decimate Premier League with cap on foreign players causing mass exodus

As the Brexit deadline looms, the FA has proposed a cap that would limit the number of foreign players on each Premier League side to 12, prompting a mass exodus of the EPL’s top talent.

Manchester United legend Gordon Hill believes the cap could in fact benefit the English game, even if it drives some of the world’s best players away.

“Some of the teams I’m looking at on a Saturday, there might be one player that is naturally English,” Hill told Macquarie Sports Radio‘s Cam Reddin.

“If it’s 12 players, still 50 per cent is going to be foreign (players). I don’t think that’s low enough. It should be dropped down to six or eight,” Hill said.

“That means clubs have got to spend their money wisely on these top players,” Hill said.

English nationals make up fewer than 30 per cent of players contracted to clubs in the 2018/19 Premier League season.

Hill is frustrated by the lack of English players forced to compete in the Championship or lower leagues because they fail to crack the top flight.

“Homegrown players in England don’t go abroad to play. They want to play at home in England. Sometimes to better their career they might have to go somewhere else just to come back,” Hill said.

Hill has previously criticised the EPL for becoming a “Premier League, played in England” that fails to provide opportunities for young English talent.

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