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Brian Waldron: ‘it’s incredibly easy’ to cheat the salary cap

Former Melbourne Storm CEO Brian Waldron says “it’s incredibly easy” to cheat the NRL salary cap.

The alarming revelation comes in the wake of the Cronulla Sharks self-reporting a potential salary cap breach in recent days.

“The truth is it’s incredibly easy,” Waldron said when Marko asked him how easy it was to cheat the salary cap.

“History says it’s been done in both the major (AFL and NRL) codes over the same period of time.

“How players receive funds….is open certainly for people to take advantage of.”

Waldron himself was a casualty of one of the biggest cheating scandals in sports history when the Melbourne Storm were stripped of two premierships (2007, 2009) for being over the salary cap.

He didn’t hold back when asked who should be punished if a club is found to have cheated the salary cap.

“Managers absolutely are a party to what took place. Players have an absolute expectation and a right to expect the club they play for abides by the rules of the game,” Waldron said.

“People may say ‘oh yeah, but surely they knew they got this or that,’ No.

“My protection for the players is that the club should have an obligation to look after their players’ interests – which means they shouldn’t be making those payments in the first place.”

It came after NRL CEO Todd Greenberg addressed the media earlier today.

“The club has done the right thing in reporting those concerns and we are currently investigating those concerns,” Greenberg said.

“Secondly and most importantly, on the information provided to us, the Sharks are cap-compliant for 2018.”

Cronulla Sharks CEO Barry Russell stressed the importance of maintaining the reputation of the club.

“I came across some salary cap discrepancies relating back to some years ago which I felt weren’t appropriate and weren’t within the NRL guidelines,” Russell said.

“I took it upon myself to contact the NRL integrity unit and self-declare these discrepancies because from this time on I want the reputation of our club – given our past – to be intact.”

The investigation is ongoing.


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