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Rex Hunt has an idea to fix footy

AFL broadcasting great Rex Hunt has floated radical changes to the game which he believes would solve some of its perceived problems.

Congestion in general play and the lack of scoring have been a few of the hot-button issues that have dominated the footy landscape in the first half of the season.

Rex told Afternoons the head body needed to “put on a spectacle” for fans.

“You do something radical, you take the two wingmen and make (it) an interchange of six people,” Hunt said when pressed on what he would change.

“You open up the space and stop them kicking backwards. You take away the (15-metre kicking rule) and change it to 25 metres, you will change the game overnight.

“(also) just keep on working with the super goal and I believe that is one thing I believe that can teach kids to kick through the ball.”

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In an extensive interview, Hunt reflected on his 50 years of AFL broadcasting, shared his thoughts about the modern game and touched on his relationship with Afternoons co-host Shane McInnes.

The broadcasting legend will call his final game for 3AW Football on Saturday night, joining Sam Newman, Robert Walls and Shane McInnes for St.Kilda vs Collingwood at Etihad Stadium from 7:15pm AEST.

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