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Broncos bucked? Lazzo finds Nikorima and Roberts trade talk ‘all very odd’


With Round 8 in the NRL fast approaching, it’s time to fire up the ‘ol merry-go-round.

Only this time it’s players – not coaches – spinning merrily.

Broncos halfback Kodi Nikorima has been targeted by the Warriors as a long-term playmaker despite being under contract until the end of 2020. However, it’s understood he has a get-out clause in his contract which could see him granted an early release should he sign long term deal with the Kiwi franchise.

Staying at Red Hill, James Roberts is rumoured to be on the cusp of reuniting with supercoach Wayne Bennett at South Sydney – possibly as early as next week!

Roberts has fallen out of favour with the Broncos brass who seem open to releasing the NSW Origin centre if the Bunnies table an offer.

Triple premiership winning Rugby League legend Glenn Lazarus says he finds modern trend of loyalty-free movement of players and coaches “difficult to fathom,”

“When I was around, my understanding was that you signed a contract and stayed for as long the contract states,” Lazzo tells David Morrow and Mat Thompson on Macquarie Sports Radio.

“These days, if a player wants to move on, or if a club wants to move a player on, they go about doing it,

“It’d be stressful for some parties and some players sometimes, one minute you’re on the Gold Coast and the next minute you’re in Sydney or Melbourne,

“It’s all very odd, for an old timer at least.”

The James Roberts scenario is bizarre as the Broncos play the Rabbitohs on Thursday night. Should the trade be approved, Roberts would be in a recovery session with the team he just played against.

Lazzo says there’s clearly tension between the Broncos and Roberts and that a trade is a strong possibility.

“It won’t surprise me if he does go back to South Sydney… nothing surprises me these days, I just shake my head and think ‘my god’,

“Nobody holds a gun to these people’s heads when they sign these multi-million dollar contracts but, at the end of the day, they obviously have loopholes and clauses in them which allow them to move around freely.

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