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Bruce McAvaney explains how he calls the biggest games of the year

Legendary commentator Bruce McAvaney has opened up on how he approaches big Grand Finals behind the mic.

The revered Channel Seven caller will commentate his 19th AFL Grand Final on Saturday afternoon.

On the eve of this year’s decider between Richmond and GWS Giants, McAvaney told Macquarie Sports Radio it was vital to balance calling the game from a fan’s perspective while keeping it professional.

“Once the headphones go on, it is slightly different,” he said.

“If I was sitting in the stands and watching something that really moved me, you’d get a tear in your eye.

“For me, trying to be a professional but at the same time having that romance and passion, it’s just combining the two of them.

“As a broadcaster, I want to be accurate but at the same time stir if I can.

“We’ve had some amazing grand finals in the last few years, you just hope like crazy you can do what you’re watching justice.”

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