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Can the NRL please get something right!

It’s been a tough year for the NRL, and they continue to not do themselves any favours by announcing that the Grand Final will be staying in Sydney until at least 2046. Naturally many Queenslanders feel betrayed by the governing bodies of the NRL, so we ask the question – were Brisbane robbed of a Grand Final?

Joining James Willis:

  • A scathing Glenn Lazarus believes ‘it would have been the right thing to do’ for the NRL to give Queensland a Grand Final
  • Sam Landsberger labels St. Kilda ‘the clear winners’ of the Trade Period
  • Tim Horan gives a dire prediction on the future of Michael Cheika
  • Michael Bridges elects the player who could save the Tottenham Hotspurs
  • And Tommy Berry shares just how he’ll win The Everest!

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