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Carlton fan who was kicked out of Marvel Stadium says he still hasn’t heard from AFL

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A Carlton fan who was ejected from Marvel Stadium for alleged umpire umpire denies he crossed the line.

‘Frankie’ (not his real name) was kicked out of Marvel Stadium on Saturday for allegedly calling umpire Matthew Nichols a ‘bald-headed flog’.

The umpire stopped as he was leaving the ground at half time and singled him out to security.

But The Age reported on Wednesday the man was ejected from the stadium for ‘spooking’ the umpire while running and waving his hands around.

He categorically denied that allegation.

After he called 3AW Football on Saturday to explain his side of the highly-publicised story, Frankie admitted to Macquarie Sports Radio he would have expected the AFL to have already contacted him after Saturday’s incident.

“That’s pretty funny,” he said of the allegations against him.

“(The umpires) are standing at the feet of six-foot blokes and I’m over a fence behind security guards.

“If they’re getting spooked by me, they might have a few issues.

“I was in shock (when the umpire pointed me out), everyone around me was giving the umpires stick and he obviously thought he heard something different.”

‘Frankie’ said he was still in two minutes whether he would continue to attend Carlton games.

“My brothers are considering cancelling their memberships,” he said.

“I’m bit in both boats, I agree with them but I also still enjoy going to the footy and don’t want to miss out.”

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