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Patriots, pilgrims, right-thinking punters… winning requires focus, success is contingent on commitment, triumph requires a Burning Desire… and an Ian Thorpe pep talk.

You know a country has a Burning Desire to win the World Cup when they bodyline themselves in the nets. The Big Show ended up in hospital and Shaun Marsh copped a broken arm. Officials are investigating rumours that Pup was seen whispering advice to the bowlers…

Grubs beget grubs. Why Grub McGuire is calling for Grub Respect.

New South Wales are on the cusp of successive Origin series wins and they’re rolling out the size 17 big guns in a bid to inspire the troops, Ian Thorpe. Swimming, Family, Hobbies, and a Burning Desire – Thorpedo’s four-legged Chair of Motivation.

Sticking with the Blues, learn why their Secret Tunnel will fan the flames of emotion, adrenaline, and Burning Desire. Transurban might want to toll it, but all the Secret Tunnel asks is a simple question: do you believe?

AFL in the USA? Hey, it’s a hit in China. All we need is 40,000 Bombers fans and 40,000 Collingwood supporters.

It’s a Festival of Gambling. Tommy Berry loves seeing kids at the races – who doesn’t. The sight of a child with a betting app and a form guide brings tears to your eyes. It’s part of regional Australia’s culture, along with symphonic works and burnouts, and learn why Australians have a Burning Desire to punt on the dogs and play Two-Up.

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