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Justin Langer, Sticky Ricky, Freddy Fittler, Australian sport is littered with cerebral types, intellectuals, The Game’s Greatest Thinkers.

Couldn’t the English cricket team do with the help of The Game’s Greatest Thinkers as the risk of Crexit grows with every mounting loss. The English press are savage, the public jaded, and the taxi drivers are mouthing off, just ask Jonny Bairstow. And isn’t it glorious to behold?

A world cup Anzac Off, Australia vs New Zealand, and if these trans-Tasman rivals meet in the final, surely there’s a strong argument to play that game at Gallipoli?

Why the AFL needs to sell their Super-8 Score Review cameras and buy some state of the art HD equipment right away. What if the future of score reviews depended on betting on the outcome? Solutions from The Game’s Greatest Thinkers.

Eye Gouging is a grub act…. But is it a dog act?! Was George Burgess performing a medical procedure, an on-field retinal exam, a digital cataracts scan? From Polyps to Pupils starring Gouge Burgess.

Twiggy Forrest, The Hancock Family, and the future of Rugby League in the West. Doesn’t the Western Hancocks have a lovely ring to it? Give the people what they want.

All of that and so much more on Just Short of a Length with Roy & H.G!

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