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Pilgrims, patriots, punters… $36 worth of failed multi-bets has exposed a league at risk of being caught up in organised crime, while corporate bookmakers rule the roost.

Do we need amnesty? Do we need a Players Betting Portal? Or do we need… the Tent of Truth?

A billion tuned in to watch it. 800,000 loyal fans applied for tickets. But did little ol’ England didn’t have a suitably large venue? Of course not. Where’s the MCG when you need it? The people of India and Pakistan deserved a cauldron of capacity, but built where?

Why tooled up Army personal will Make Our Stadiums Safe Again. Pinching is a Grub Act, but is it a Dog Act?

Nick Kyrgios is a Showman, plain and simple, and a Showman has an obligation to name and shame people wearing Ridiculous Hats.

Prize money skirmishes between New South Wales and Victoria aside, in addition to being the race that stops the nation, The Melbourne Cup is a national day of unity and nothing screams unity like a national March spearheaded by Peter Dutton. Oh, and don’t forget the Bookies.

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