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Change is coming but Hawks star isn’t worried

Plenty was made of the secretive rule trial earlier this month but according to Hawthorn midfielder Taylor Duryea, not much has changed.

The Hawks took part in a trial at Etihad Stadium, where a number of changes were floated behind closed doors.

One of the key experiments involved having a number of players start in the 50m arc at stoppages, in a move aimed at clearing congestion around the ground.

Duryea, who took part in the match with the rest of his Hawthorn teammates, said he “didn’t notice much of a difference” despite some of the proposed alternations coming under fire.

“You just have to think about where you set up,” the 27-year-old said.

“We have setups in our game now and I don’t think (the proposed changes) matter too much from my point of view.

“I haven’t seen it from a spectators point of view so I don’t know how it looks but we all know change is coming and we’re going to have to adapt.”

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