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Chloe Esposito backs Mack Horton’s stance: ‘He really stood up for what he believed in’

Olympic Gold Medalist Chloe Esposito has praised fellow Australian Mack Horton for his protests at the Swimming World Championships in Gwangju.

Speaking on Halftime with James Willis and Andrew Gaze, Esposito commended the behaviour of Horton after he protested against the win of China’s Sun Yang.

In 2013, Yang was suspended for three months after testing positive to a banned substance and is currently under investigation for another banned substance.

“I praise Mack Horton for what he did, he really stood up for what he believed in, hats off to him,” Esposito said.

“I think he spoke up for a lot of athletes.

“You want to be competing on a level playing field, not in an unfair situation, so good on him for doing that.”

Esposito also revealed the damaging effects doping can have on athletes and their families.

“We only found out last year that the Chinese athlete (Chen Qian) who came fourth in Rio in my event was also done for doping, so everyone got to move up a place.

“They had to celebrate it last year and not at the games.

“People will be missing out on finals and medals and it is very difficult on their families and even their country.

“It affects a lot of people not just the athlete.”


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Image credit: Elsa/Getty Images.