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‘Confidence is at an all time low for Brisbane, I’ve never seen it like this’: Wally Lewis

Rugby League immortal Wally Lewis was sitting on the Suncorp Stadium sidelines alongside fellow Queensland rugby league legend Billy Slater.

The Broncos were tied 16-all with Wests Tigers, two minutes remained on the clock, the Tigers had the ball and were setting up to have a ping at a match winning field goal when some individual brilliance from a shimmy-shaking Michael Chee-Kam resulted in him crashing over the line to score the match winning try.

“For Brisbane, it was a long night at the office, I can tell you, and there weren’t too many people that left Suncorp stadium with a smile on their face,” The King tells David Morrow and Julian King.

“It was a fantastic second half from the Tigers, they executed their game plan perfectly.”

It was another underwhelming performance from the Broncos halves paring of Kodi Nicorima and Anthony Milford and Wally believes any criticism pointed their way is justified.

“If it’s one or two games, criticism is not warranted, but when it comes to the record that the Broncos have got at the moment, I think they’ve got to start coming under the radar,

“They’ve got to accept the criticism if they can’t produce the form that’s necessary week-in week-out,

“Brisbane, I see their next two or three weeks as being the control of their season, if they don’t win each of these – and they don’t have an easy draw coming up – it’s going to be a very long and painful season for them, it’s going to be disastrous and the criticism will snowball.”

The Broncos face the Raiders in Canberra next week before hosting the Sharks at Suncorp and winning either is almost impossible if the Broncos can’t sort out the problems with their 6 and 7.

“They’re the most important positions on the field for me, that and the hooker, and it’s probably reaching boiling point now for Brisbane, they can’t deny they’re not feeling the pressure, they can’t deny that they don’t have that organisation,” Lewis said.

“The confidence is at an all time low for Brisbane, I’ve never seen it like this.”

“When you’re a one team town, the supporters expect that they’re going to be able to produce their best virtually two weeks out of every three,

“The form that’s been on the board has not been at an acceptable level for the Broncos.”

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