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“Cooper is a bit of a drama queen” – Scott Sattler

Debate continues to rage over whether Roosters star halfback Cooper Cronk will recover from injury to take the field in this Sunday’s NRL Grand Final

Speculation has been rife that Cronk has severely torn his rotator cuff and is no chance of playing. Others believe the injury is minor, that Cooper will play and that the Roosters are playing mind games with the Storm and the NRL media.

Speaking on the Macquarie Sports Radio Breakfast show with Mark Levy and Mark Riddell former NRL star and Grand Final winner Scott Sattler weighed in on the debate. “I think he’ll definitely play. Cooper is one of the loveliest guys in the world. So respectful of the game and everyone that’s played in it. But Cooper’s a bit of a drama queen. He loves to make it all about himself. And i say that with the utmost respect because he likes to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.”

Having seen footage of Cronk receiving treatment for his shoulder during and after the game Sattler was sceptical at reports of the injuries severity. “He’s quite profound in everything that he delivers and I think this is just a part of his stage play leading into Sunday wearing jersey number 21. Interesting looking at halftime and after the game the exercises he was doing and the work they were doing on him, he still seemed to have a lot of strength in his shoulder with the Rubber bands he was using. We actually don’t know the extent of the injury. People are speculating it’s a small tear or a strain other people are saying it’s a complete torn rotator cuff.”

The Roosters have up until an hour before kick-off to make a decision on whether Cronk will play.

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