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Cricket Australia has a “hell of a headache” with expanded BBL

Macquarie Sports Radio Breakfast

Ian Chappell says Cricket Australia has a problem on its hands with the Big Bash.

The head body opted to expand the competition to 59 games this season in line with its new TV deal.

But instead of boosting interest in the league, crowds and television ratings have shrunk with the tournament not wrapping up until the middle of February.

Chappelli told Breakfast the BBL’s previous success came from its shrewd scheduling around school holidays.

“I think they’ve overcooked it,” he said.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to says it’s going on too long, the format they had before was much better.

“Having the added games means it’ll be difficult to reduce the BBL season but they may have to.”

He said Cricket Australia made the decision to expand purely for monitory reasons.

“The only criteria for making a decision is the bottom line,” he said.

“The next time I hear a cricket administrator say they’re doing something in the best interest of the game, I’ll fall over with shock.

“They don’t want to kill (the Big Bash) so they’ve got a decision to make.

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