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Danny Green calls for ‘standard penalty’ for AFL punches

Boxing legend Danny Green has called for the AFL to enforce a “standard penalty” for players who throw punches.

Under the new rule, The Green Machine has suggested the AFL impose a fixed penalty as a punishment for striking.

The 45-year-old said the AFL should focus on the offence rather than the outcome of an incident which currently has an influence on the AFL Tribunal’s severity of punishment.

“The AFL have to realise they act on the outcome of the result of an incident,” Green said.

“They don’t actually act on – ‘it’s x amount of weeks every time you punch someone’.

“If you punch someone – it’s got to be a standard penalty.”

With his wealth of experience in the ring, Green discussed the impact one punch can have on an individual.

“Some people can take a shot and some people cannot take a shot, some people get hit in a certain way and it affects them very badly,” Green said.

“Whereas with someone else, it might have been a quarter of an inch off and might not have made anywhere near the same impact.

“The AFL can’t pick and choose because he was injured a lot more.

“They’ve got to have a standard rule – if you punch someone – you’re out for x amount of weeks.”

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