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Darren Lehmann responds to Peter Handscomb’s controversial comments

Former Australian Cricket Coach Darren Lehmann has hit back at Peter Handscomb’s comments after Victoria’s draw with South Australia in the Sheffield Shield over the weekend.

Handscomb’s Victoria set a massive total after they declared at 616/6, before South Australia also put on an impressive batting display as they finished with 527/5.

Not content with having a draw after playing for a number of days, Handscomb who is the captain of Victoria, questioned the tactics of South Australia believing they weren’t playing for a result.

“I’m just annoyed the game is dead. We’re all gonna walk away from here with a draw, whereas we could’ve been competing for something tomorrow,” Handscomb said.

Lehmann questioned the comments of Handscomb who thinks the Victorian captain just simply underestimated their Shield opponent.

“Once you get to 500 you’ve got plenty of runs. It’s a bit weird because they beat South Australia twice last year so he thought they could bowl them out twice,” Lehmann said.

“But everyone improves, and people are allowed to play well. South Australia played well and they fought back well. So I think it’s just one of those unwritten rules not to bat for too long, and 616 is a lot of runs.”

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