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David Schwarz says Melbourne tanking scandal ‘not a one off’

Melbourne legend David ‘The Ox’ Schwarz says the Demons are not the only club to have ‘tanked’ in the AFL.

The Herald Sun obtained over 80 pages of transcripts which reveal details of the 2012 investigation into the Melbourne Football Club.

At least eight senior officials at the Demons admit they were directed not to win games in favour of obtaining a priority draft pick.

‘The Ox’ says this isn’t the only time something like this has happened.

“It wasn’t a one off,” Schwarz said.

“Tony Liberatore, a past Brownlow medalist for the Western Bulldogs, said that Carlton had basically tanked.

“Two days later he came out and said ‘nah, I got it wrong.’

“So either someone had spoken to him or someone had said to him or he just happened to get a different piece of memory come to him at a certain period of time.

“It has happened, the rules have been changed to protect that from happening now.

“It happened a long time ago, but let’s not try and cover these things up, let’s try and learn from them and ensure that we don’t go down this path again.”

Herald Sun football writer Mick Warner, who obtained the previously unseen transcripts, has called for action from the AFL.

“The AFL have got to wear some of this,” Warner said.

“It’s never even worth it.”

“There’s only ever been four number one draft picks in history that have played in the premiership.”

“Was it worth it? Of course it wasn’t, because what does a losing culture do? It sets you back years.”

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