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David Schwarz sick of ‘lip service’ from Melbourne

Former Melbourne star David Schwarz says he’s sick of “lip service” from the Demons when it comes to their inconsistency.

Much-hyped heading into the season, Melbourne was thrashed by 67 points at the weekend after leading Hawthorn at quarter-time.

The Demons managed just one goal in the final three quarters of the match.

Captain Nathan Jones and club chief Peter Jackson have both spoken out since the defeat, admitting the effort wasn’t good enough.

But the Ox has had enough.

“They are too fickle and too inconsistent and they will continue to damage the brand until they understand that one or two good performances isn’t acceptable,” Schwarz said on Macquarie Sports Radio.

“It’s OK to play one or two good games, it’s great to play 10 or 15 good games and the good clubs do it.

“The difference between their best and worst has to be closer together.

“Nathan Jones and Peter Jackson are correct, but don’t give us lip service.

“I don’t want to hear one word from another Melbourne player for the next three weeks – I want to see it on the field.

“If you don’t perform – get out and give another player come in who is hungry and is going to give 100 per cent.”

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