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Jack de Belin’s lawyer claims NRL failed to provide anti-violence against women education

Jack de Belin’s lawyers have claimed the NRL failed him by not providing appropriate anti-violence against women education programs.

Marcus Einfeld QC made the claims in Federal court as de Belin fights the NRL and ARL Commission’s decision to stand the Dragons forward down while he fights charges of aggravated sexual assault.

The comments were made during closing arguments with Einfled QC also saying that controversy could sometimes be good for sport.

Former NRL player Joel Caine refutes any claim that the NRL doesn’t educate players appropriately, pointing out that the NRL does an extraordinary amount of work with players and their welfare.

“I’ve seen it first hand, the amount the NRL does for NRL players, they can’t possibly do any more, they can’t,” he said.

“Paul Heptonstall and Tony McFadyen, they head up the welfare unit [at the NRL], their heart breaks every time something happens because they physically can’t do any more, they are giving these blokes every opportunity it’s unbelievable.”

Jamie Soward played more than 200 NRL games and has sat through NRL mandatory education sessions which cover off a range of topics, including how to treat women, and says subtle improvements could be made.

“My suggestion would be to do it in smaller groups, because they’re done in larger groups and typically in a Rugby League environment, blokes get embarrassed about maybe asking a question or even saying anything to do in those situations,” Soward said.

“In a large group, you just clock off and wait for it to be finished before walking out,”

“[Players] need to have responsibility for their actions, you can’t hold their hand 24/7, and I was disappointed their lawyer used that in his defense.”

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