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De Minaur was more or less “ambushed” says David Drysdale

Alex De Minaur is ready to go today according to his manager David Drysdale.

De Minaur claimed his first ATP title on Saturday night at the Sydney International beating Italian Andrea Seppi 7-5, 7-6. Hours earlier he had advanced to the final by winning his semi-final over Giles Simon 6-3, 6-2.

Speaking immediately after his semi-final win, De Minaur slammed the Australian Open tournament organisers for being scheduled to play on the opening day of the tournament today just over 48 hours since playing his semi-final and final in Sydney.

On Macquarie Sports Radio, David Drysdale explained the sequence of events on Saturday and the reason for Alex’s comments “He was more or less ambushed in the tunnel as he walked off the court after playing his first match on Saturday (before the final) so he wasn’t prepared for any interview at that stage. He’s very easy to deal with and a very mature young man so he knows how to deal with the media. He was still fired up from playing, hadn’t had time to think about things properly and the comments were made, in all honesty, he wasn’t as angry as what came across, the important thing is that he’s ready to play today.”

Co-host of the Macquarie Sports Radio breakfast program Tony Shaw has questioned whether tournament organisers should consider having more flexibility around their fixturing in the lead up to the 4 major tournaments during the ATP circuit.

“What happened was, he was disappointed that the Australian Open had decided early in the piece that the bottom half of the draw was going to be played on the first day before people knew who was going to be in the final of Sydney and Auckland. I sought clarification with Craig Tiley (Australian Open tournament director) yesterday with regards to it and he explained how he made that decision because they wanted their defending champions playing on the first night and that’s not unusual that’s what happens at Wimbledon aswell, Alex has accepted that and he’s ready to go today. Craig did talk to me yesterday about the fact that from next year they would look at playing the final on a Friday night instead of a Saturday so that the players do have 2 days before playing the Australian Open. The good thing is that the people running these tournaments were aware of this, obviously rain was an issue (this time around).” said Drysdale.