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Do a way with prize money for the Emirates Australian Open says Marcus Fraser

The Emirates Australian Open begins this Thursday at The Lakes Golf Course in Sydney.

Australian golfer Marcus Fraser would like to see the tournament “mix it up for a year” in a bid to persuade the marquee names of Australian golf and internationals to partake in the event.

Speaking on Macquarie Sports Radio Breakfast Fraser has suggested scrapping prize money for the winner. “I’d love to see the idea of maybe not putting on any prize money at all. Purely just play for the Stonehaven Cup and just mix it up for a year”

Coming into its 103rd year, the Australian Open has plenty of history and great stories over the journey. This years prize pool totals $1.25mil (AUD), the winner will receive $225,000.

Fraser says tournament organizers should consider using the sights of Australia as a selling point “You guys want to win an Australian Open, give the guys in America a ticket to Australia and show them what Australia has to offer and get them to play in our great championship and see our great country at the same time, throw it all out of the woodwork and do something different” said Fraser

He (Fraser) would still jump at the opportunity to play in the tournament regardless of whether there’s money on offer “The Australian Open is a great event and I would definitely still play it if there was no prize money, I would love to have my name on that trophy, that’s what it’s all about. Don’t worry about the prize money, it’s all about the championship.”