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Does Hird want to coach the Bombers? ‘Maybe secretly he does’

It’s been branded ‘insane’ by a leading football pundit but the AFL rumour mill is in overdrive with the possibility of James Hird returning to coach in the AFL.

Hird’s recent comment that he would never say never to coaching again has led to speculation he could return to the Bombers.

Essendon coach John Worsfold hosed down the rumour, saying it is “not for discussion in any way, shape or form right at this moment.”

Speaking on Drive, David ‘The Ox’ Schwarz recalls how Hird’s initial appointment to the coaching ranks at the Bombers came with similar denials.

“I remember when James Hird arrived [as coach] of the Essendon footy club,’ The Ox tells co-host Mark Allen.

“The three months in the lead up to it, deny deny deny deny, and then Bomber Thompson denied denied denied denied coming from Geelong,

“Eventually, they all happened to land at the same spot under the auspice of Tim Watson.” Ox said.

“The architect, I believe [Watson] was known as,” Marko adds.

Ox says that if Hird still believes he can coach, the chances of him returning to Windy Hill are “more unlikely than likely,”

“When a club is battling like Essendon are, I think it’s more than fodder, I think it’s real talk,” Ox said.

“James Hird has a lot of people at Essendon who love him. He was a great player, one of the best players we’ve ever seen,

“He got caught up, or was involved in a supplement saga that went on for many, many years that cause irreparable damage to the Bombers,

“Will he be able to ever overcome that? I’m not sure, but the question is being asked asked again of James Hird, ‘do you want to coach’?

“Maybe secretly he does.”

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