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“Don’t call this rugby league”: Paul Sironen slams changes to junior league

Rugby league legend Paul Sironen has slammed proposed changes to junior league, that would ban tackling for under-6’s and scrap competition points until the age of 13.

“Don’t call it rugby league. It’s not rugby league,” Sironen told Macquarie Sports Radio‘s Cam Reddin.

“We’ve gone mad, honestly,” he said.

Under the proposed trial, reported in The Courier Mail, junior competitions would not accrue points for wins and losses, so there would be no ladder, no premiership points and no finals series.

“We keep meddling with this great game… they’ll probably bring [the trial rules] in for a year and then toss them out.” Sironen said.

“Every kid gets a participation trophy. The game we play is a tough game… all the kids play this for the fun of it, but there’s a point that kids get more serious about their game,” he said.

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